Bye-Bye Food Pyramid…Hello Healthy Plate

empty plate, surrounded by raw vegetables( — The old USDA food pyramid came toppling down not long ago and officials have recently unveiled an updated version of food recommendations for daily nutrition.

First Lady Michelle Obama said of the new guidelines, “We’re all bombarded by so many dietary messages, it’s hard to find time to sort through all this information. When it comes to eating, what’s more simple than a plate?”

The new guidelines look promising, as they recommend filling half your plate with fruits and vegetables and a fourth of it with grains.

Even better, the protein component does not specify that portion of the meal come from animal products. Finally, dairy is pushed to the side of the plate, hinting that if you’re an omnivore, it shouldn’t be a major source of calories, especially considering its cholesterol and fat content.

Ideally, the plate would list items under each category that fit the requirement and many of those items would be plant sources. Additionally, it would have been nice to say that calcium can be obtained from numerous plant sources like kale.