Benefits of eating fruits and Vegetables

Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables

Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables

( — Why Fruits and Vegetables? Everywhere you turn, no matter what new study or what new scientific research that makes headlines, very few experts disagree about the importance of fruits and vegetables in your diet. But why? What is it about these natural wonders that are so necessary for a healthy body?

There are so many reasons to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables everyday.

Everyone Needs to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables
A growing body of research proves that fruits and vegetables are critical to promoting good health. In fact, fruits and vegetables should be the foundation of a healthy diet. Most people need to double the amount of fruits and vegetables they eat every day.

Fruits and Vegetables Fight to Protect Your Health
 Fruits and vegetables are packed with essential vitamins, minerals, fiber, and disease-fighting phytochemicals. Because of this, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables everyday can help reduce your risk of many different illnesses, including diabetes and various types of cancer.

Fruits and Vegetables Contain Powerful Phytochemicals (fight-o-chemicals)
Fruits and vegetables have many important phytochemicals that help “fight” to protect your health. Phytochemicals are usually related to color. Fruits and vegetables of different colors — green, yellow-orange, red, blue-purple, and white — contain their own combination of phytochemicals and nutrients that work together to promote good health.


 Fruits and Vegetables and Weight Management
Because they’re low in calories and high in fiber, fruits and vegetables can help you control your weight. By eating more fruits and vegetables and fewer high-calorie foods, you’ll find it much easier to control your weight.

Fruits and Vegetables and Energy
Busy lives require food that’s nutritious, energizing, and easy to eat on-the-go, like fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are a natural source of energy and give the body many nutrients you need to keep going.


So there you have it – the above are some of the top reason you should incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your day…every single day.



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