Funerals & Fried Chicken

Pieces of fried chicken in a skilletI recently heard a pastor describe the meal ritual of funerals at his church; a typical meal consisted of fried chicken and mac n cheese, washed down with beverages like fruit punch.

Listening to the pastor talk, I couldn’t help but think about how such meals would inevitably lead to the next funeral.

Our Diet Is Not Helping Us

Research now clearly demonstrates that eating certain foods substantially contributes to obesity, disease and premature death. Sadly, the diseases that kill the most African Americans (heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes) are very often preventable, simply through a proper diet and lifestyle. There are many delicious healthful recipe variations on traditional soul food (which is typically very high in saturated fats and sugar, clogging our arteries and raising our blood sugar).

So why aren’t we adopting healthier eating habits, despite all this research, despite all the statistics, and despite all the preventable deaths? Many people, including myself, feel that we need to look to church leaders, and other trusted leaders, to help lead the way to better health.