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    Cold & Flu Remedies That Actually Work

    ( — Millions of African Americans catch the flu every year, and many of us turn to the remedies of our elders to relieve symptoms. Colds can lead to bacterial infections, and the flu can cause serious, even fatal complications. Self-care methods may help you feel better if you have cold and flu symptoms. Here’s a look at some remedies:

    Chicken Soup

    Studies show that chicken soup inhibits the migration of immune cells called neutrophils and could work as an anti-inflammatory during a cold. Including chicken soup as a cold remedy makes scientific sense.


    Many flu sufferers add honey to their home remedies, and some evidence shows that this might be useful for cold and flu symptoms. In a recent study from the Archives of Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine, parents of 105 kids with upper respiratory infections rated honey higher than cough medicine for relieving overnight cough and sleep difficulties. If anything, honey can soothe sore throat irritation.


    The menthol in this age-old remedy can affect nerve endings in your stuffy nose and make you feel less congested. However, a recent study cast doubt on this treatment, finding that it may make you create more mucus that your body will have more trouble clearing away. If you do use VapoRub, don’t put it in or near your nostrils.

    Hot Brandy

    Search the terms “common cold” and “brandy” online, and you’ll find thousands of entries in which people have spoken highly of brandy as a tried-and-true cold remedy. Although plenty of old-timers may have mixed themselves a hot toddy to help forget the discomfort of a cold, doctors are reluctant to recommend alcohol as a remedy. And the American Lung Association says you should avoid alcoholic beverages during a common cold, since they can lead to dehydration.


    When cold and flu symptoms begin, many people reach for garlic. They consume it crushed, steeped in hot water or in capsule form. Garlic could be helpful in preventing colds. In one study, 146 people took a garlic supplement or placebo for 12 weeks. The people in the garlic group had less than half the number of colds, though their recovery time was similar to those in the placebo group.

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