The Healthy Hair Diet

A montage of different black hairstylesIf you’ve tried every shampoo, conditioner and cream hoping for thick, shiny hair, you may be going at it all wrong. The truth is, eating the right foods will not only help you feel great but they’ll give you luxurious locks as well. Here is some advice for getting “ahead” in the hair game.

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Healthy hair depends on the body’s ability to construct a proper hair shaft, as well as the health of the skin and follicles. Therefore, good nutrition assures the best possible environment for building strong, lustrous hair.

However, changing your diet now will affect only new growth, not the part of the hair that is already visible. In fact, starting a hair-healthy diet today will mean a more gorgeous head of hair within six months to a year, depending on how fast your hair grows. Hair growth can vary between ¼ inch to 1 inch per month (depending on personal differences). On average, a person can expect to have about 4 – 6 inches of new growth every year, so it will take about that long to notice the effects of your nutritional changes.