Do NOT Do This After Your Workout

A weight, a towel and doughnutWorking out can work up your appetite, but…

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…don’t go reaching for a greasy slice of pizza or loaded French fries after your cardio session.To put things into perspective, your typical buffet meal can run you about 1000 calories easily if you take in 2 courses plus a desert.  To work off 1000 calories you would have to run for about 60 minutes or walk for 4 hours.

Some people might try and justify pigging out to this extent by going for a 30-40 minute walk in the afternoon or a 20 minute bike ride later once they have digested.  This is hardly enough to make up for all the food that was eaten though the intent was positive.

Essentially, you want to create a balance with your food and exercise habits.  In a perfect world, if you can exercise regularly and keep fit, you can afford to treat yourself once in a while to a little indulgence.  Simply working out the day after an over sized meal will not suffice and leave you scratching your head on the scale.

So how do you deal with your crazy post-gym cravings? Use these dieting tips to avoid eating back all the calories you work off.