What’s Your Diet Personality?

yo-yo sitting on top of a scale(BlackDoctor.org) — Everybody else is in bed, but you (and a pint of ice cream) are watching a late-night movie on TV. Sound like you? Or, are you the person that eats healthy Monday through Friday, only to abandon those habits and eat whatever you want on the weekend?

Certain habits can have a significant effect on your weight. The hardest part of this is that, regardless of other, healthier habits, such as incorporating more fruit into your diet and/or exercising more, those not-so-great eating tendencies can sneak right on up and do some serious healthy-weight sabotage.

So, how do you fight back and unlearn unhealthy eating patterns. Below are five common unhealthy eating types, as well as easy ways to better control them:

The Weekend Indulger

You live “right” all week, only to go all kinds of wrong Friday night. Or maybe you travel a lot for work or pleasure, and as soon as your surroundings change, so do your eating and daily calorie-counting habits.