Overcoming Empty Nest Syndrome

african american woman graduate hugging another woman(BlackDoctor.org) — With all the excitment of proms, graduations and upcoming college moves going on, it might be hard to remember that behind every transitioning young adult…are transitioning parents, who, while overjoyed and oh-so-proud of their child’s success, are forced to balance that pride with sadness, anxiety, even depression, of having to let their children go.

Dear Spirit,

I think I’m suffering from a mid-life crisis before the “middle” of my life even gets started. My youngest child is graduating from high school next month and headed out of state for college. I have no idea why, but my feelings of pride and happiness are being overshadowed by intense sadness and anxiety. What is wrong with me and how can I get a hold of myself so that I don’t become one of those “clingy” mothers who don’t know how to let go as their children head off to begin their lives?


Sad Mommy in AZ