The Must-Have Vitamins That Women Need

various vitamins and drugs( — A recent study concluded that multivitamins don’t do much to help prevent cancer or heart disease in older women. But does this mean post-menopausal women should toss their multivitamins in the garbage? What about women who are menstruating and have different nutritional needs? Which vitamins do women need to be the most concerned about taking?

The Importance of Vitamins

What’s important to know is that poor nutrition increases a woman’s risk for heart disease, cancer and diabetes. While there may be some controversy over just how important multivitamins are for older women, experts agree that healthy eating is the most important thing a woman can do to meet minimum daily vitamin requirements essential for good health.

But experts also recognize some value in supplements.

“Doctors prefer to recommend good food choices,” says Heidi Skolnik, MS, a nutrition consultant and nationally recognized writer, editor, and lecturer. “When it comes to preventing certain diseases, vitamins may not be a panacea. That said, women typically diet, and so there are often gaping holes in their nutrition that supplements may be able to help with.”