4 Ways The Holidays Hurt Your Health

A couple carrying Christmas presentsThe holidays are upon us, and the increased hustle and bustle can take a serious toll on the healthy habits we strive to stick to every day. neuroSONIC recently released the results of a survey that reveals just how much the holidays impact our health and fitness routines, highlighting stats about working out, energy levels, and more.

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  • The survey reveals that 41 percent of respondents admit that their workout routine decreases during the holidays and 9 percent says it completely stops. While people may believe they are not getting their exercise in during the holidays, shopping may make up for the missed gym hours. Wearing a pedometer while holiday shopping is a great way to indicate how much exercise you are getting!
  • The survey points out that 48 percent of respondents claim to work on the holidays and 16 percent sometimes work during the holidays. While it’s unfortunate that such a large percentage of people are not able to enjoy a break from work during the holidays, there are exercises that can be done discretely while at your desk. For example, you can easily do leg extensions, back twists and toe raises all while staying seated on your chair!
  • 40 percent of respondents indicate that shopping is the most draining activity during the holidays. Twenty-eight percent of Americans are ahead of the game and do the majority of their holiday shopping prior to Black Friday. This is an excellent way to relieve some of the added stress of the holidays and leave some free time for your daily exercise routine.
  • The survey also indicates that 38 percent of respondents claim to be more tired during the holidays. Overcoming low energy levels to tackle workouts during the demanding holiday season is easier than you think! There are plenty of ways to increase energy with low calorie drinks or snack options, such as neuro SONIC, which provides sustained energy for only 35 calories.

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How Can You Be Healthier This Holiday Season?