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    Healthy Hair At Night 101

    Images of Naomi Mackenzie wearing a hair scarfWe black women LOVE our head scarf. Once we find a good one we keep it FOREVER. Literally. I think the longest I’ve kept a scarf was almost 7 years. It was the perfect size, and fit just right on my head. I didn’t realize how attached I was to that scarf until I lost it. Nevertheless, I eventually had to move on.

    A hair scarf is a key part of a black woman’s hair care regimen. There are a few tips and reminders that I wanted to touch on.

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    1. The Right Material

    Make sure that the scarf you pick is the right texture. A silk scarf is the best option because it isn’t very porous, therefore it doesn’t absorb the moisture out of your hair like cotton or other materials would. Silk scarves can be costly, so other alternatives are satin or polyester.


    2. Keep That Scarf Clean

    If not kept clean, a hair scarf can become quite filthy. They will even begin to get a gritty texture and develop an old sock smell. In order to keep your scarf, and your hair, fresh, you should hand wash your scarf at least once a week, prior to your shampoo day.

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    3. Don’t Wear It Too Tight

    Ever wake up in the morning and have indentations on your forehead from where your scarf rested on your head? This is a sign that you are tying your scarf entirely too tightly. It isn’t necessary to tie it that tight. If you are having issues with it falling off while you sleep, try wrapping it on a different way such as in the front instead of the back or using one knot instead of two. If you are feeling your heartbeat around your hairline with your scarf on, that’s also a sign that you have it too tight.

    4. Brush your hair out before bed
    One of the best things that you can do for your hair is to brush or comb it before turning in for the night. Use a brush with natural bristles or a wide tooth comb. Brush your hair from root to tip for several minutes. The strokes help you move your scalp’s natural oils through your hair.

    How To Keep Your Hair Healthy WITHOUT A Scarf
    For some, wearing a scarf is not an option. Some women just plain do not like how it looks or feels. For those, here are some quick tips to keep in mind in order to keep your hair healthy at night too:

    1. Use a satin pillowcase. This little wonder has been working for years for the tender hair of newborn babies. A satin pillowcase can help protect your hair from the harshness of cotton–all without wrapping your hair at night.

    2. Check The Moisture. If wearing a scarf at night is not your thing, make sure you check the moisture of your hair at night.  Depending on temperature of the room and natural moisture level of your hair and scalp, you may need to do a little extra (or less) to carry you through the night.

    3. Don’t Be Heavy Handed. Be sure not to be heavy handed with oil on your hair especially if you have a night time moisturizing routine. Many natural oils can be comedogenic meaning they can cause acne. The product on your hair can get on your pillow and thus can rub on your face causing extra moisture in your pores.

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