Anthony Hamilton: “Fatherhood Is A Blessing”

    To many, Anthony Hamilton is best known for his award-winning songs that are laced with his signature soulful voice, but to his six children–six boys to be exact–he is simply “dad.”

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    The Grammy-winning performer has released five studio albums, yet, despite his busy schedule–touring, recording, appearances, etc–Hamilton puts his family on the first.

    As the leader of a young boys who range in age from 2 to 25, Hamilton hopes to continue to provide the proper support and guidance to rear his six sons into strong and respectable men.

    “I’ve seen it all,” Hamilton tells theGrio. “I’ve experienced every level of fatherhood you can imagine. And along the way, I’ve instilled the right type of fear and morals, it’s been beautiful.”

    For Hamilton, fatherhood has been a blessing – a journey that he says has taught him how to be a better man, father and husband.

    “I’ve learned to have a lot of patience, I’ve also learned where I lack as a man and a father and where I’ve matured with each child,” he says. “I’ve seen my growth. Understanding myself and them is the most beautiful thing.”

    Hamilton says that fatherhood has exposed him to many lessons that have helped to make him the man he is today– a dad who understands the importance of the influence he has on his children and how that will help shape the men they will one day become.

    “The best part of fatherhood is seeing someone who resembles you and watching them sleep and be with you for however long God allows and we’re connected the whole time. It’s so beautiful to see, just watching them grow,” he says.

    Aside from the experiences fatherhood has exposed him to, Hamilton says he hopes his children also pick up a few key lessons along the way.

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