Super Busy? Sneak Fitness Into Your Day

woman gym shoesThe hustle and bustle of today’s society often leave us moving from one activity to another in a quickened pace, causing us to neglect proper eating, sleeping and fitness habits. When we choose to neglect health maintenance, the body can experience imbalances and leave you functioning more slowly, making you more accessible to sickness.

The American Heart Association now recommends that everyone have at least 150 minutes of physical activity weekly to stay fit and healthy, but sometimes it can be difficult to get that rigorous activity in while on the move.

If you are a busy bee looking to remain healthy, check out some of these simple tips on how to remain active with a busy lifestyle.

Keep athletic shoes with you.

Placing a pair of good walking or running shoes in your work bag or at your desk at work is a great way to encourage being active on your lunch break. Instead of sitting with coworkers during lunch, choose to take a walk outside around the building to get your blood pumping. If your company has a fitness center, you can also choose to get a light workout in before returning to your work.