Martin Lawrence: Stress Free

    Martin Lawrence became a household name during the 1990’s, establishing a Hollywood career as a leading actor, most notably in films like House Party, Bad Boys, Blue Streak and Big Momma’s House. Lawrence’s numerous film roles came after his own highly rated television series named after him, “Martin.”

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    But on May 7, 1996, comedian Martin Lawrence suffered a nervous breakdown. Lawrence was picked up by police for standing in the middle of a busy, mid-day Los Angeles intersection and screaming at cars. Although initially, he said it was due to exhaustion and dehydration, his behavior was symptomatic of a mental breakdown from stress attributed to relationship allegations and legal issues.

    A nervous breakdown is a generic term used describe someone who experiences a bout of mental illness that is so severe, it directly impacts their ability to function normally. The specific mental illness can span ranges of severity and include depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia, among others. It is basically observed as a sign that one’s ability to cope with life or a mental illness has been overwhelmed or “stressed out” by their normal  life events, work or relationship issues. Often, people who suffer from the affliction are no longer able to maintain their social relationships with others, and find it difficult to work.

    The funnyman now says he’s living a life with a lot less stress. And why not? His show “Martin” is still a top running syndicated show, he’s still doing movies, has a new TV show with Kelsey Grammar called “Partners” (2014) and has a loving beautiful daughter.

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