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    Andre 3000’s Favorite Recipe

    perform andre 3000 Andre 3000s Favorite Recipe
    You may know him by a few names: Andre’ 3000, Andre Benjamin, Andre Three-Stacks, etc.  Either way, as one-half of the Grammy-winning hip-hop group OutKast, is living and looking great. Despite the rough childhood he went through in Atlanta and his mother dying less than 2 years ago, the MC and actor pushes his talent and body to the limit.

    And as it turns out, Andre cooks up more than hot records and a budding acting career.

    The Atlanta native likes to throw down in the kitchen. This is key he says in the health of his mind, skin and body.  He even unveiled his very own kale greens recipe.

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    Prior to giving out his personal recipe, Three Stacks explained his love for the vegetable delight to Bon Appetit:


    “Being that I’m from the South, I’ve eaten collards, mustard and turnip greens all my life. I was introduced to kale a few years ago and fell in love with the way you can instantly stir fry or pan fry it. Kale is also nutritious, and by not boiling it to death like classic Southern greens, most of that nutrition stays in tact.”

    Andre’s 3 Stacks Kale

    About a cup of water
    1 or 2 heads of kale
    A few garlic cloves
    A couple teaspoons of coconut oil
    A dab of soy-free margarine
    A couple shakes of Herbamare (brand) seasoning
    A pinch of cayenne
    A pinch of black pepper
    2 tablespoons lemon zest

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    1. Boil water.
    2. Flash steam kale and drain.
    3. Lightly saute kale in margarine, oil and garlic and seasonings.
    4. Finish with lemon zest and mix
    5. Done.

    No wonder Andre is in the best shape of his life.  See how kale really helps his body, your body and everybody here.  Grab some kale today!


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