101-Year-Old Cheerleader Still Cheers From The Sidelines

brunson-TSU2One Tennessee State University cheerleader is a bit more experienced than the rest. After all, former student Burnece Walker Brunson was first a student and cheerleader back in 1934, before many of us were even born.

That was a time when the football teams played in leather helmets and the basketball teams played games at Washington Junior High and even to when the legendary school and band, had a different name — Tennessee Agricultural and Industrial State College.

Even though she’s a little wiser and older than she was when she was a student, some things about Brunson never change. Like her cheerleading style. She doesn’t do back flips, cart wheels or is apart of a cheerleader pyramid. She never did those things. Cheerleaders didn’t do what Brunson calls that “fancy stuff” back then.brunson-TSU3