Celebrity Style Trend: Nicki Minaj’s Wigs

Nicki MinajWe should all wear Nicki Minaj wigs—the world would be a much more colorful place. The rapper is famously fond of pink—she’s dropped the albums Pink Friday and Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded—but looking at photos of Nicki’s wigs, one sees countless hair colors: green, blue, white, black, orange, yellow—every shade under the sun. Minaj’s wigs also span numerous hairstyles—everything from bombshell curls and towering “Bride of Frankenstein” Afros to Amy Winehouse-style beehives.

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Who makes those crazy Nicki Minaj wigs? As Allure reported in 2011, hairstylist Terrence Davidson is responsible for the Harajuku Barbie’s outlandish headpieces. Davidson said he brings 10 to 15 wigs to each major event Nicki attends, and he even converted a room in his Atlanta home to storing them all.

Discussing Minaj’s famously wigged-out “Super Bass” video with MTV Style, Davidson dished on the diva’s style demands.

“I didn’t even know which direction we were going with her hair,” Davidson said. “I just knew she want fun colors. It was so many wigs on set anyway, which is all the time. I mean, I don’t care if it’s one look. You’re going to see 15 wigs sitting there for her to choose one wig for one shot. That’s just how Nicki is, she’s a perfectionist. She loves what she does.”