3 Winter Skincare Mistakes You’re Making

It’s no secret that winter weather can wreak havoc on our skin! Low temperatures can drastically affect the quality of our skin barrier, resulting in dry, itchy conditions.

Vaseline has embarked on a multi-city national tour with the Save Your Skin Airstream Pop-Up to help others realize moments in the year or lifestyles that contribute to dry, unhealthy skin quality and introduce their latest line of therapeutic lotions, Clinical Care.

New Yorkers are known to be night owls with demanding work schedules, so Vaseline educated them on the effects lack of sleep can have on their skin. Chicagoans must brave frigid, blustering winds come wintertime – Dermatologist Dr. Caroline Robinson has shared key tips on how to protect against cold climates and steps to take to prevent loss of hydration not just for Chicago Citizens, but for people across the country looking to step up their skincare regimen for this holiday season.

1. Cozy Sweater Culprits

We all love a cozy knit sweater for the winter, but did you know it’s likely irritating your skin? Wool is a common material found in winterwear but is actually very irritating to the skin – in fact, most fabrics that are woven in a way that creates a rough, textured surface are capable of creating unnecessary friction against the skin, further exacerbating skin conditions.

Instead, opt for soft cotton blends – and the same goes for your feet! Applying a