4.5 Ways Chiropractic Can Improve Your Sex Life

When most of us think of sex, the immediate things that come to mind are the feelings associated with it. Rarely do we consider the physiologic processes that are involved in high-quality physical encounters, such as blood flow, metabolism, motor function, and coordination.

However, sex is the sum total of these processes, and more, working congruently to achieve a peak physical performance. The communication of all of these various and distinct processes occur within the body’s communication system, also known as the nervous system. And like any physical performance, optimal nervous system function is key to reach your maximum potential during sex.

Below are four and a half ways of keeping your nervous system optimized via chiropractic care can improve your sex life.

Flexibility, Coordination… Kama Sutra?

Improved range of motion, flexibility, balance, and coordination are a few of the physical changes associated with chiropractic adjustments. While you may not be performing the full Kama Sutra, a little-added