Worry-Free Workout Hair

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Forty percent of black women have at one time avoided exercise for fear it would mess up their hair, researchers at the Wake Forest School of Medicine report. One reason may be pricey treatments: Sixty-two percent said they regularly had their hair done in a style to make it more manageable but it didn’t always translate going to the gym. Women also expressed concerns about sweating out their hairstyle; the time to wash, dry, and style their hair; and scalp itching.

There is no greater feeling than the energy you get after a workout, but there’s nothing worse than your hairdo being wrecked to shame afterwards. Don’t be that gal who picks vanity over health, because TRUST –  in the long run you won’t look good!

If you are one that struggles with their hairstyle after a workout, take a look at some of these tips. You might find one that works for you!

Go For A Wrap

If you have medium or short hair, try wrapping a silk scarf around your hair during your workout session. Try to leave the crown of your head exposed and tie the knot closer to the nape of your neck. This leaves room for your head to breathe, while preserving your hairstyle without flattening it.

A Ponytail Never Hurt Anybody!

If you are that “long hair don’t care” chick, pull those beautiful tresses up into a fashionable high pony. The idea is to get the hair off the back of your neck and out of the way. For added style and protection, try an elastic headband. This will absorb any moisture from your sweat-worthy workout!


Try taking it back to your youth and put that hair into one or two french braids or even a braided pony. Then, take a scarf and wrap it around your head. This not only keeps your hair protected and out of the way, but you will have a cute braid out that you can wear the next day!

Rod/Roller Sets

These are great options for a girl focused on her fitness! The idea behind this is that…

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