Is Yoga Or Pilates Better For You?

black woman pilates

For the longest time, yoga was all the rage until Pilates came along and stole the show. A favorite of health nuts around the world – famous and not, yoga and Pilates both have loads of benefits from weight loss to improved heart health, but which one is best for you?

Essentially, the answer largely depends on one thing: what you’re trying to achieve.

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Trying to lose weight? Then yoga is probably your best bet. One study showed that people who practiced yoga regularly gained less weight and were less likely to be obese than those who didn’t.

Yoga and Pilates each burn around 145 calories in a 60-minute period, but you might want to consider adding in a more intense activity, such as jogging (a 30-minute run burns an impressive 200 calories) to your workout regimen if you really want to drop the pounds.

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As far as heart health goes, yoga and Pilates provide little cardio benefit unless it’s an advanced class, which in that case can bring your heart rate up.

Some other benefits? Yoga and Pilates help to improve your body strength and flexibility, slow down the aging process, increase posture, promote sleep and detoxify the body. Furthermore, yoga has been proven to reduce stress hormone, cortisol, levels.

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The bottom line is yoga is great for you but so is Pilates and there’s nothing wrong with incorporating both into your daily workout routine. Just keep in mind that yoga tends to be a go-to for stress relief and inner peace while Pilates is known for strengthening muscle.

In the end, the choice is yours.