How Alkaline Water Benefits Your Body

bottle glasses of waterFor years now, alkaline water has been a secret for a particular sect of individuals within the health-conscious community, but as the organic food movement has crept into mainstream markets and the country is embracing healthier diets and lifestyles (thanks in part to the initiatives of the White House), this ionized water is becoming more popular.

You may be asking yourself, how is ionized water different from plain tap water or any other bottled water for that matter?  If you have been curious about what alkaline water is exactly and how it can change your health for the better, then look no further because we have all the answers!

Here are a few facts about and benefits of alkaline water.

Hydrates on a cellular level

When the water is ionized, it is broken down into micro clusters that allow the cells of the body to absorb it more easily, thus “super hydrating” the body. When the body is hydrated properly by ionized water, cells can regenerate adequately and slow the process of aging by protecting against free radicals that can cause cell damage.

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Throughout the course of the day, our bodies take in a great deal of acidic chemicals, substances and foods that create toxins as a form of waste. These can build up in the body’s cells and tissues and cause serious health conditions.  Alkaline water neutralizes the acidity within the body and washes away the acid waste products from the cells and tissues of the body, helping to prevent diseases such as cancer.

Brings the body into an alkaline pH

The proper level of pH for the healthy body is that of an alkaline state because cancer and many other illnesses can’t live in an alkaline state. Drinking alkaline water will help to keep the body’s pH in check, keep the immune system working at its highest potential to help the body heal itself, and…

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