The GOOD Sex Talk Couples Are Afraid To Have

couple on couch

There is nothing more awkward than getting to the place where you have to have the “sex talk” with your partner.  You know, the talk that you have been putting off for months that centers on the subject of having more sex? I speak to so many people who have reached this very point in their relationships where they have no idea how to bring up the topic of having more sex to their partner.

They are afraid of being insulting, coming off the wrong way or hurting feelings, yet, they have made a commitment to work through their sexual issues instead of going outside of the relationship to seek the increase in sexual activity that they need.

This conversation isn’t an easy one to have and the reasons for why a lapse in sexual activity happens aren’t so cut and dry.  This “why” and what to do about it has to be broken down into advice for men and advice for women. If you have found yourself in this situation, take a look at these tips and get back to having a fulfilled sex life!

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