More To Love: 7 Benefits of Being A Big Guy


Most of the bigger, husky guys you see in entertainment and sports like Faizon Love, Warren Sapp and others are often looked beyond their size and accepted. But is the same true for women? Recently, ESPN published their annual “Body” issue where celebrities and athletes strip down nude and they capture it in print for all to see.  Its tagline is “bodies we want” — part celebratory, part art, part drooling over bodies we used to have. Each year, the magazine takes heat for either being too objectifying or for perpetuating unrealistic body ideals in the same vein as the fashion layouts.

But this year, its sixth, the breakout star of the Body Issue is Prince Fielder, the chubby-cheeked first baseman for the Texas Rangers. Completely nude and clutching a baseball bat, Fielder, 5-feet-11-inches tall, made a distinct impression and had social media talking about #HuskyTwitter.

That made us realize: what’s so BAD about being a big guy? Not a “fat” guy, but not a super muscular guy either–essentially, someone in between. In fact, we did an informal poll and have the following reasons why BIG GUYS are great:

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