“Cupid Shuffle” Creator Gets Families Fit

cupid shuffle 2“Down down, do your dance, do your dance…” Those are the famous lines to the infectious dance hit, “Cupid Shuffle”.  You’ve seen it and more than likely have done it at your family reunion, dance party or any social gathering with a dj. Its one of those songs that will get people on the dance floor all doing the same line dance.  The creator of the dance craze, Cupid, has turned his talents to helping people lose weight and get healthy with his new hybrid, CuRobiks.

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According to the website, CuRobiks is a mixture of calisthenics, aerobics and line dancing led and instructed by award winning – multi platinum recording artist, Cupid. This explosive and addicting fun filled exercise method allows for a great full body workout while dancing yourself into shape. CuRobiks is offered in LIVE concert and on DVD allowing the experience to happen in the comfort of your own home.