Your Ultimate Tweezer Guide

woman tweezer eyebrowsAccording to the beauty trend and simply what you see when you look in the mirror, brows are a BIG deal! They provide structure, dimension and expression to your face. It is imperative to keep up your brow appearance even if you want to have even the simplest of beauty routines. But in order to do this you must have some proper insight into a simple yet wonderful tool, the tweezer.

“Tweezers are one of the best beauty investments you’ll ever make,” says Hilary Foote, a brow expert, makeup artist and licensed esthetician with almost 20 years of experience. The self-professed Arch Empress swears by her Tweezermans and earned her royal title tweezing over 15,000 pairs of brows in 2011 alone!

If you want to step your tweezer game up, take a look at the tips below.


Tweezer Myths

Depending on the thickness and length of each hair, this system of stretching the skin to pull out hairs one by one can be more or less painful. Often we find that redness occurs around the waxed area. This should not worry because it usually disappears shortly. One of the most used techniques to facilitate tweezing is the use of hot baths on the area to be waxed before starting to remove hairs. This will induce the opening of the pores and make the task easier. But you could be doing more damage than good if you use tweezers incorrectly.

Another one of the most popular myths is that if you extract a hair with tweezers instead two new hairs grow. This is totally false. In fact, it is proven that often the hairs were removed with forceps not grow again (hence it is recommended not to abuse this system in some areas of the body, such as in the eyebrows ).

The Right Shape

Tweezers of both medical and cosmetic grade come in a diversity of shapes, sizes and finishes. Stainless steel is the best option to help avoid infection at the hair follicle.

“Think of tweezers like a pair of earrings—…