Is Sex Addiction Real?

couple in bed upset

The recently released movie Addicted, based on a fictional story written by erotic author Zane, has raised much conversation about sex addiction and if this issue could possibly be real. Drug addictions, issues with letting go of the bottle or calling it quits at the blackjack table are all common addictions that many seek treatment for, but sex addiction is something that is often kept as a secret leaving many—especially within the African American community–to suffer with alone.

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The church has a heavy influence on Black culture and because of the religious stigma, many members of the community find it difficult to disclose their feelings about sexuality for fear of being shamed or cast into a burning pit of fire and brimstone. In the story Addicted, wife and mother Zoe Raynard suffers with sexual addiction secretly and hides her three extramarital affairs from her loving and devoted husband.  She finally decides to seek out professional help when she feels her life spiraling out of control, and begins to feel helpless when she discovers her new therapist has no background in working with sex addicts.

This story depicts a realistic situation for many suffering with sex addiction, but what exactly is an addiction to sex? Sex addiction is best described by Michael Herkov PH.D as a  “progressive intimacy disorder characterized by compulsive sexual thoughts and acts.”  Like other addictions, the negative impact on family members and friends increases as the addiction progresses, and oftentimes the sufferer has to increase the addictive activity to receive the same rush.

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