Trez Songz: A Love Affair With Rope Burns

get-ripped-like-trey-songz Singer, songwriter, and record producter Tremaine Aldon Neverson, better known as Trey Songz has been making grown woman swoon since the age of 14. Singing was something that he didn’t originally want to do because of his shyness, but when people said they saw talent in him, he went to work. As with most things Trey does, it’s his work ethic that pushes him through. Even when it comes to his body.

Trey has set out to prove he’s got some skills in the gym as well. In the music video for the song “Na Na,” Trey shows off his chiseled physique, but the video doesn’t feature Trey just standing around with his shirt off. Instead, it verifies he knows what he’s doing in the gym. From doing squats with women draped across his shoulders to pressing heavy cinder blocks over his head, Trey silences haters that say he’s “just a pretty boy” with a full length fitness video.

One of his favorite workouts is with the heavy ropes: two thick, heavy ropes, ties to one end while a person does a variety of exercises turning, flipping and lifting the ropes on the other end. The workouts prove that he’s not only one to use a few restraints in the bedroom, but outside as well.

The 15-hour video shoot for “Na Na” was actually a 15-hour workout for Trey, and it took months of training to prepare for its filming. One of Trey’s favorite workouts is using the heavy ropes. You’ve probably seen them in many cross-fit training routines and from the look of Trey Songz cut body, they really do work.  Here’s THREE key rope workouts he uses:

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Gripping each end of the rope firmly with both hands, start swinging your arms up and down at the same time to create a wavelike motion with the rope. Maintain the velocity and flow of the waves for entire interval.

Firmly grasping the rope in each hand, bring the rope overhead and slam it down with full force onto the ground. Can also bring one arm down at a time to create alternate arm slams.