Reclaiming Your Sexy After The Heartbreak

sexy woman with feet up

I started teaching erotic dance for women because I saw the impact that it had on my own life. I had a safe space to let my guard down and let loose for a few hours. When I was going through stress or pain of any kind, my erotic dance practice became my safe haven. I would come into the space, turn on the music and immediately my defenses would begin to ease off of my muscles. With each pull of the music I could feel my mind, body and spirit getting realigned with joy all over again.

So often when we have a painful experience in our lives loved ones will tell us one of two things: ‘let it go’ or ‘it takes time’. That was probably one of the hardest things for me when going through a heartbreak in my life. How do I just immediately forget about someone who I’ve spent so much of my time and energy with? And also, why would I keep punishing myself by replaying the bad times?

Both ideas just overwhelmed me with anxiety and confusion. A part of me knew that life was suppose to be more than constant drama, confusion and disappointment. Yet, when I had a situation in my life of serious conflict no matter how much I tried to embody my loved one’s advice to me I just felt myself becoming increasingly miserable each day.

What if you don’t just have to put up with the pain until it leaves? What if dismissing it altogether isn’t the best answer either? What I’ve found is that these two pieces of advice only scratch the surface of a larger healing practice. When we experience a painful situation there are a few things that we need to remember in the process.  These are tools that I use in my daily spiritual practice and if you put them to practice I know you will see a shift in your experiences as well.

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