2016 Nail Rehab Guide

African American Black hands painting nails redIt’s time to take better care of those nails! Just like weave, fake nails aren’t an all the time thing. You must show some tender love and care to your real nails. Once those faux nails come off you don’t want to be embarrassed. So why not vow in 2016 to take some extra steps to love on your real nails a bit more.

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1. Wear gloves. 

When washing dishes, cleaning, working in the yard, etc. cover up those hands. Not only are the chemicals and products you are using killing your nails, but your skin as well. The constant moisture and/or the stripping chemicals dry the nail bed out and compromise your nails’ strength.

2. Lotion up.

If you don’t do this already moisturize! I keep a bottle of lotion in all of my bathrooms right next to my sink, and I also keep a nice bottle in my purse and on my desk at work. This allows me to constantly re-moisture my hands, especially after going to wash them. Any time I feel the slightest bit of dryness I start squeezing up on a bottle!