pH Balanced?: 5 Ways You’re Throwing It Off

acid to alkaline ph chart

I know you all have probably heard about vaginal pH, but the question is do you really know what vaginal pH means? Yes, this is small health concern for many women who have no idea how pH affects their vagina. So, pH levels measure how acidic or non-acidic (alkaline) a substance is. Levels of pH  are measured on a scale 0 to 10, with 0 being the highest acidity and 10 representing the lowest.  A normal pH level for a vagina is between 3.5 and 4.5. When pH levels rise, that means acidity has dropped and so has healthy, protective bacteria that the vagina naturally produces.

Studies show that vaginal issues often occur when vaginal pH is unbalanced. By maintaining a healthy vaginal pH, you can help reduce your risk of vaginal issues, like yeast infections.

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Here are a few everyday things that can elevate your vaginal pH. You can alter your habits to show love to your vagina and keep it pH balanced.

1.    Douching: Yes, I know… Somebody’s great-grandmother, grandma, momma, auntie, or 22nd cousin down the line told you that you should douche after your menstrual cycle to get that awful smell away, but no. Just let your vagina clean itself. It is acidic for a reason, and no, it’s not supposed to smell like a lotus flower bomb (no matter what Wale tells you).

2.    Tampons:  I know you don’t want to wear a bulky pad (that can potentially show through those skinny jeans). But, just think about becoming friends with pads (at least every other month).  I know y’all are probably saying there are organic tampons out, but anytime you stick something up there, you are messing with your pH levels.