How Zendaya Stays Cover Girl Ready


Zendaya Photo:

Having started her career young with a breakout role at 13 on the hit Disney show “Shake It Up,” Zendaya Coleman – these days known simply as Zendaya – is no newbie to the spotlight. In fact, she handles the media so well one might say she was born for this. Zendaya‘s fearlessness and confidence have taken her career to the next level. It’s her bold personality and style choices on top of her many talents that have helped get her where she is today.

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I actually believe it was at the Oscars last year where her true moment began. Her decision to rock dread locs to the awards show received much controversial criticism, and her graceful reactions and confidence are what took her from child star to grown woman. Known for being a singer, actress, “Dancing With The Stars” competitor and social media maven, Zendaya can now add to her list being the newest face of CoverGirl. Her beauty shines undeniably inside and out. 

In a recent StyleCaster interview Zendaya unveiled a few of of her signature beauty tips and tricks. When asked to describe her sense of fashion, she says, “Style-wise, I am fearless.” All I can think is YOU GO GIRL! She goes on to explain that she does her own makeup, even for events and shows. She admits to being a Youtube lover as a child and simply taking tips and tricks she’s learned over time from different people and making her own routine.