Soulful Buddha Bowl Recipes

Everyday Buddha Bowl recipe

“Everyday Buddha Bowl”

In my quest to add more plant-based meals to my diet, I often came across recipes for Buddha bowls.  I scrolled past them for months.  After finally deciding to learn about them from Jenné Claiborne of Sweet Potato Soul and So Buddhalicious, I prepared Buddha bowls for myself and a friend. In addition to being delicious, I found they were a great way to eat a variety of vegetables in one meal.  My friend enjoyed hers so much that she prepared another bowl a day or two later.

What Exactly Is a Buddha Bowl?

Buddha bowls, also known as glory bowls or happy bowls, don’t get their name from Buddhist traditions. Instead, it comes from the resemblance of the bowl to Buddha’s rounded belly. By most accounts, Buddha bowls have their origins in macrobiotics. Most vegan versions contain many if not all of the following: whole grains, starchy vegetables, green vegetables, legumes, a condiment and a sauce.

Why Are They So Popular with Vegans?