WARNING: ‘Rat And Human DNA’ Found In Hamburgers

Hamburger and junk foodAmericans eat nearly 50 billion hamburgers a year, but a recent report by a food research company may have you thinking again about buying store brand, ready made burgers.

In both meat and vegetarian patties, third party researcher, Clear Labs, found some additional ingredients that may make you sick to your stomach.

The report found unexpected ingredients in some of the burgers it tested—including the DNA of rats and humans—and some missing ingredients in others, such as the mysterious absence of black beans in a black bean burger. Clear Labs tested 258 samples—ground beef, frozen patties, fast food burger products, and veggie burgers—from 79 brands and 22 retailers (they are keeping the sample info anonymous).

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Of all the samples, 13.6% had discrepancies between the label and the product. For vegetarian products alone, however, that figure was 23.6%. The study authors found “surprising quality issues, signaling that there are gaps in food safety and quality protocols that should be addressed.”

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