Ovaries Dancing Like Mary J? Baby Fever Is Real, Ya’ll!

smiling mother with happy baby boy

Itching to have a baby? Do your ovaries scream at the sight of deliciously squeezable baby thighs? While this unquenchable, inexplicable urge to put a bun in the oven may seem crazy, there’s a bonafide emotional and physical explanation – baby fever.

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According to a 2012 study in the journal Emotion, baby fever is an emotional phenomenon – one that affects both men and women. Mainly referred to as the “biological clock,” women may feel a sudden longing to procreate, as their window to conceive dwindles in their reproductive prime – or before age 32. Men on the other hand, tend to baby-lust once they have children.

Of course, there are several factors that feed this craving – the sociocultural, byproduct and adaptationist views. “People might think they want to have children because they are supposed to have children,” said study author Gary Brase, a psychology professor at Kansas State University, of the sociocultural influence on women specifically.

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