7 Slimming Summer Detox Foods

ripe raspberriesThe advantages of summer are plentiful. Warm weather, outdoor festivities, and extra time with family and friends always create long lasting memories. But, with all of the socializing summer brings it can be tough to eat healthily. The good thing is we tend to desire less heavy meals in the summer. But, if you still are having cravings which can be costly to your waistline, here are  7 foods that will satisfy your stomach’s needs and help with weight loss, too:

1. Jalapeno Peppers – When you eat jalapeno peppers, they add a spicier taste to your meal and help you to eat less in the process. Because they contain capsaicin, this is an added benefit if you are trying to lose weight. Studies have linked capsaicin to weight loss. Plus, with all of the heat, you will naturally drink more water to compensate for consuming those jalapenos. Drinking water will help in flushing out the excess water weight from your body.

2. Strawberries – Strawberries are full of fiber but very light on calories. Fiber helps you to feel full, so you eat less. If you consume a cup of halved strawberries, you are consuming about 3 grams of fiber and 50 calories. Not too bad!