Dr. James Wadley: “Truth Is Black Folks Haven’t Had Time To Heal From One Tragedy To The Next”

African American man upset sad grieving

Anger. Confusion. Frustration.  Anxiety. Disbelief.  Vengeful. Powerless. Fear.  Sadness.  These are just a few emotions that many of us felt after watching another video of another Black body destroyed for no reason at all.  Many of the law enforcement incidents that claimed two more members of our family remain burned in our individual and collective memories.  Alton Sterling’s and Philando Castle’s lives were needlessly stolen and their families and us will continue to try to make sense or find some sort of peace.  But then, I believe that we must be honest with ourselves and really embrace the fact that their deaths are another reminder that “Its’ not going to be alright and it will never be alright” until all of us do something.

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Perhaps it will take for us to embrace the truth that there are some individuals, White and Black, who have no regard for Black lives. The truth is that these individuals have an unchecked opportunity to use guns, Tasers, clubs, tear gas, or whatever means to subdue, detain, or destroy Black lives because they know that they will not be held accountable for their actions. The truth is that some individuals could care less about the lives that are taken or their families and community.

The truth is that they know that the most that will ever happen is that they might be suspended or lose their job, but it will be very easy to be reassigned or obtain another job in law enforcement.  The truth is that Black folks and other people of color will meet in our churches or our community centers and rant and rave about another tragedy—but after a week or so, we will resume our lives and “keep it moving.”

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