5 Benefits Of Hair Steaming Every Curly, Coily Girl Should Know

African American woman natural curly hairCrunchy curls got you down? Unsure how to refresh and rejuvenate your ‘do’? Steaming may be right for you. In 2010, I landed a position as the Associate Brand Manager of Huetiful, a homegrown enterprise located in Atlanta. With an emphasis on hair and skin health, the man behind the brand, Ken Burkeen, sought to develop products that are real solutions for real women with naturally curly hair—whether kinky, coily, or in-between.

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During my tenure at Huetiful, I had the opportunity to assist in the development, defining and guiding of the brand’s products, including the Huetiful Hair Steamer—giving consumers the opportunity to step up their conditioning game, by restoring moisture to dry hair up to 5x better than leading conditioners alone. Wait for it—in a simple 20-minute sitting. Of course, this involved research, product testing and review.

Here’s what I learned:

1. It doesn’t discriminate.  No matter your hue, the struggle for healthy hair is real. Fortunately for us, steaming provides a simple solution for restoring moisture to dry, over processed, splitting strands.

So how does it work you ask? Hair cuticles are like roof shingles. The warm steam naturally allows the cuticles to separate and lift, allowing nutrients to penetrate each and every strand from roots to tips.

By pairing with your favorite deep conditioning product (sulfate free), you can refresh, renew and strengthen your hair 5x better than stuffing your coif in a shower cap as you sweat it out in the steam room at the gym (I’m guilty!).

2. Detangling becomes as easy as 1, 2, 3. As naturalistas know far too well, detangling can be work! Due to the steam’s softening affect, natural hair becomes more manageable, cutting down on detangling and styling time.

You may also notice, that over time, you begin to use less product. In other words, saving you money, money, money!

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3. Your curls will thank you! If you’re dreaming of definition, the increase in moisture retention also aids in reshaping and boosting your curls.

Moisture retention, of course, is defined as the hair’s ability to retain moisture, uphold protective styles like bantu knots, braids, twist outs and roller curls as well as reduce frizz and breakage.