5 Foods To Eat Before Hittin’ The Court

Here’s what we suggest:

1. Chicken. Chicken makes a great pre-game meal for basketball players as it is a great source of protein. Protein helps basketball players remain balanced and powerful throughout the game. There are also many great dishes that go with chicken, including salads and baked potatoes.

2. Pasta. One of the most important aspects of a pre-game meal for basketball players is carbohydrates. When it comes to pre-game nutrition, you want to find a healthy balance between protein and carbohydrates. Pasta is a fantastic source of carbohydrates, and if you can eat some whole wheat pasta, that is even better.

3. Eggs. If your basketball game is in the morning, you will most likely not be interested in eating pasta. Like pasta, eggs are a fantastic source of protein. With some eggs and whole wheat toast, you will have yourself a great pre-game meal.

4. Sub sandwiches. If you are short on time, sub sandwiches are an adequate pre-game meal for basketball players. You will get your carbohydrates from the bread, and if you put some meat on the sandwich, such as turkey or beef, you will be getting some protein as well. Just make sure you don’t grab that bag of chips to go with your sandwich. If you can, have a bag of peanuts or nuts as a side dish, as they are both great sources of protein.

5. Fruits and veggies. Fruits and veggies may not seem like a meal to some, but if you make yourself a fruit or vegetable salad, then you have a meal. If you want to enhance the taste of your meal, you can mix your fruits in with some low-fat yogurt, and if you aren’t a fan of vegetables, you can pick up a drink that has a daily serving of vegetables in it. A pre-game meal of fruits and veggies is great for someone who does not want to be running around on a full stomach, yet still wants to get some carbohydrates and proteins.