5 Ways to Support Small Businesses During Coronavirus Lockdown

With city-wide shutdowns spreading across the nation, it is becoming increasingly difficult for small businesses to stay afloat. They still have rent and other overhead costs to cover, not to mention supporting their staff as best they can. If you are looking for ways to support your favorite small businesses like restaurants, hair salons, gyms, and the like, keep reading for creative ways to give back during this crisis.

Purchase Gift Cards
While you likely cannot patronize your hair salon or your favorite spa to get your hair and eyebrows done, you can still help them financially by purchasing digital gift cards. This option is a win for everyone since you’ll be looking out for your post-quarantine edges, while doing what you can to keep a small business afloat. If your salon doesn’t have an option for digital gift cards, consider sending the price of a service, like $50 for lash extensions, to your technician. This way, they can pay their bills and still be in business when this crisis is over.