10+ Best Foods For A Better Butt

Rear View of Young Woman in Golden Bikini Bottom

For many women, the glute muscles are a prime location for fat storage, and many have no problem putting on weight there or at least the right amount of weight. And some women have body compositions that make a defined and prominent butt more difficult to achieve. You may be chronically underweight or just thick all over — both aren’t the best for achieving your best butt.

The location your body prefers to store fat is genetically and hormonally driven. You can, however, move the needle in favor of the look you want through rigorous and consistent exercise. Specific food choices also assist these efforts.

How your body deposits and stores fat and builds muscles is determined in part by what you eat. However, your genes and sex hormones matter more. Estrogen and other female hormones park fat around your pelvis, butt and thighs, many say, as support for pregnancy and childbearing.

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On top of your butt exercises like lunges and squats, you also need to consume foods that contain healthy fats and a lot of protein.

Slimming down your belly makes your rear end more prominent. You should, therefore, modify your diet to avoid gut-busting food. In other words: Stay away from simple carbohydrates. Refined and processed carbs, like white bread, french fries, refined-grain pasta and sugary drinks are a recipe for ‘booty-do’ (meaning your stomach will stick out further than your booty do”).

But here’s what you should eat:

Complex Carbohydrates: Brown rice, sweet potatoes, barley, whole grain pasta, apples, grapefruit. There are also carbohydrate supplements.

Proteins: Skim milk, low fat yogurt, chicken, egg whites, beans, fish, turkey, meat, legumes, whey protein, hemp protein.

Unsaturated Fats: Sunflower oil, canola oil, olive oil, oily fish, nuts.

Here’s some practical meal ideas to help you get started (continued on next page):

Breakfast Ideas: Oatmeal with fruit and egg whites, Egg Whites, Whole Grain Pancakes with fruit and low fat/sugar topping, low fat yogurt and fruit, fruit, Wheat Breakfast Burrito. You can also visit a local whole food store or farmers market for a variety of grains, dried fruits, and nuts to make your own flavorful cereal.

Snack Ideas: Nuts, fruit, string cheese, yogurt, trail mix,…

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