Does The ‘Pull Out Method’ Work?

African American man worried frustratedThat glow right before ejaculation is real, and it gets increasingly harder to pull out as you near climax. Brothers make a lot of real decisions in that three seconds of glory. The questions, the hard truths and the regrets we may or may not be able to live with are answered quickly as we decide whether or not to withdraw or ‘pull out.’

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For instance….

“I like you and probably love you. But I got this thing called bills, a few more trips to book on my frequent flyer miles , we only been together for six months and I’m not ready and I think it’s best my sperm lands on your 800 thread count sheets.”

The withdrawal method, also known scientifically as coitus interruptus, is one of the world’s oldest forms of birth control. Millions of couples practice it. Actually, around 35 million couples practice ‘pulling out’ according to Planned Parenthood. There’s a lot of misinformation when it comes to pulling out. Brothers will swear up and down that “it works,” “I’ve been doing it for years,” and on and on.