Keke Palmer: Anxiety, Depression & What Got Her Through

(photo credit: kekepalmer instagram)

(photo credit: kekepalmer instagram)

Just yesterday, actress and singer Keke Palmer captured the hearts of millions in the hit movie Akeelah & The Bee. Well, that seemed like yesterday, but actually it was over 13 years ago! Now the Illinois native is starring in a couple of shows, run her own production company, performed on VH1’s Hip-Hop Honors, working on upcoming films, wrote a book, released a new album, and more. In a post on her website, the singer and actress explains that her album, titled “Waited to Exhale,” which she wrote in between acting gigs, was never released due to a large part of her own anxiety-driven hesitance to stand behind her voice.

“These are the words I was afraid to stand behind because I had too much anxiety and could not process my experiences and how they were separate from the spirit of who I was,” wrote the 26-year-old.

“I stopped trying all together because I allowed people to make me believe that being an artist meant having big-budget music videos and big record producers backing you,” the post continued. “When in reality, all being an artist means is to be fearless in your creative pursuits. My anxiety, caused by the habit of unconsciously holding my breath, coupled with the stress of my personal life at that time created a lot of hard years of depression for me.”

“Waited to Exhale” is a testament to Keke reclaiming a part of her life back. A part that felt totally out of control, but realizing it was hers in the first place, and within her power to take hold of it or let it go.

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Keke seems wiser, healthier and definitely happier now. She even dropped some advice along in a recent post; “Believe in yourself because that’s the only thing stopping you! You must believe in the dark so when the light comes on everything is seen clearly.”

(photo credit: Kekepalmer Instagram)

(photo credit: Kekepalmer Instagram)

When asked what she does to maintain her healthy outlook on life and her body, Keke pointed to her workout and her new eating habits.

“For me, it became motivation simply because it’s not so much about looking nice but more about feeling good. It feels good when I work out. It makes me have energy. When I’m eating well, I’m able to deal with things better. When I started realizing the benefits to my body, health-wise, that’s really what motivated me. I don’t want to be…

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