Dirty Talk: Common Bacteria Hiding On Your Phone

African American man on phone eating outsideYour cell phone could be the reason for your next doctor visit. The item that you more than likely come in contact with the most has the most germs per square inch than your toilet bowl. Just think about the places we put our cell phones: in the bathroom, cleavage, your gym bag under sweaty clothes and on the counter while you’re cooking raw food to name a few. Your phone is at the mercy of whomever you let touch it.

When you’re looking up that recipe, you also have food particles on it while you’re swiping away. Your little niece who’s so adorable, but picks her nose when you’re not looking, plays with your phone. Your phone is nasty, plain and simple. If you’re wondering why your face is breaking out or you’re randomly sick, look no further than your phone.

Here are some bacteria to watch out for:


Moraxella isn’t as common as strep, but can be found on many phones. People with sinus issues such as sinusitis or post-nasal drip frequently have this bacteria on their phones.


This environmental bacteria means that the phone has a lot of literal dirt on it. If you’ve been outside for long periods of time and have had your hands in a lot of dirt or earthy material then it’ll most likely show up on your phone.

Streptococcus viridians

Strep viridians comes from the mouth and throat. If you have a vulnerable immune system it can cause infections. You get strep viridians from touching your mouth after coughing or talking on the phone.

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