Hard Core: 3 Moves For Tight Abs

For a snatched look that doesn’t require Spanx or waist cincher, you’ve got to attack the core from every angle possible. If you’ve been doing crunches every day and nothing more, you’ll likely only see limited results. Not to mention that too many crunches can strain your back and neck. 

If you’re ready to take it to the next level, its time to go hard core with your ab routine. In this video , Sharita Jennings, fitness instructor and creator of GetFitLikeThat.com, shows off some of her favorite abdominal moves that will set your core on fire. The key is a mix of both concentric (shortening the muscle) and eccentric moves (lengthening the muscle) to challenge the core from top to bottom. Try these hard core moves for yourself and watch your waist whittle away.