4 Strategies To Keep Your Weight Loss Resolution The Whole Year

Maisha Wynn

Maisha Wynn transformed, losing over 120 lbs and keeping it off

The new year brings about change and self-awareness! January is when a gazillion Americans often make New Year’s Resolutions to start a new chapter in their lives (from losing weight to eating healthier), but the vast majority have a difficult time keeping their personal promises. According to Static Brain, just two weeks into the new year, only about 8 percent of Americans actually stick to their resolutions.

As a woman who has been a human yo-yo for most of her life, I know firsthand why so many individuals backslide to doing what they did the previous month and year. Especially when it comes to personal transformation.


People make unrealistic goals and expectations for themselves. They make their journey into a 100 meter sprint versus a cross country run. I’ve learned through my own personal journey of losing over 120 pounds, you must truly make it a lifestyle. It must be a part of your daily routine like brushing your teeth and taking a bath. Below are my top four wynn-ing forecasts you can integrate immediately into your current routine:

1. Life-cast: When achieving your weight loss goals, willpower alone is not always enough to keep you on track. To be able to lose weight and keep it off for good, accountability is crucial! I’ve learned writing down your goals, making a contract with yourself and giving a copy to someone you trust allows you to see your personal road map daily, while having someone hold you responsible for your actions, thoughts and words!