Tia Mowry’s Advice For Living With Eczema

tia Mowry

Tia Mowry/Facebook

If you are a sufferer of eczema then you understand how both physically and emotionally draining this ailment can be. Eczema flare-ups are hard to control once they start, and you mostly have to just let them run their course. Tia Mowry, celebrated actress, TV show host, and mother has suffered from eczema for about five years now.

“I remember the first flare up I had and it’s something that really messes with your self-esteem a little bit,” Mowry told InStyle.

One of the embarrassing aspects of flare-ups – visible inflammation in your skin – is that you aren’t sure where it will show up on your body. Places that are more visible than others, such as your hands and face, are surely to make you feel more uncomfortable (along with the dryness and itching). Mowry explained, “Mine was little small bumps that would just itch and itch and I would scratch. My skin would start to peel and it would be embarrassing shaking people’s hands.”

As a woman in the spotlight, Mowry understands the importance of feeling comfortable in her own skin and keeping her eczema under control. She has become one of the few celebrities working to bring awareness to this skin condition, but also helping to inform others how to cope with it.

Mowry recently teamed up with Eucerin’s “Feel the Difference Challenge”  to empower those living with dry skin and eczema. Even with a flare-up, you still have to face the world and here’s some of the strategies that help her cope.