Kim Coles: “The Power Of Laughter As A Healer Is Huge”

Kim Coles 2016

Kim Coles/Photo: Mark Davis/Getty Images for BET

As a breakout star of 90’s TV shows “In Living Color” and “Living Single,” Kim Coles rose to superstardom with unforgettable and classic characters. But, it was no laughing matter when the actress-comedian’s life took a terrifying turn after she began experiencing heart concerns.

“There were three of us sitting,” she recalled of the change that came about while filming a talk show in Chicago, “and the person said that one in three women will die of heart disease. And I looked, and I knew I was having heart palpitations. I knew I wasn’t living healthy or eating healthy, and I didn’t want to be that one,” Coles told CBS Pittsburgh in September 2015.

Though Coles career is certainly on a different path, the resilient star revealed it was her very roots in comedy, that delivered the best medicine. “The power of laughter as a healer is huge. It is physically important because your body needs oxygen, and when you laugh, you take in the oxygen, and it makes the blood pump stronger, and makes you feel better.”

Now, an ambassador for organizations such as the American Heart Association, the Brooklyn native is using her platform to promote women’s health.