Daniel Louisy: A Man On A Mission

(Photo credit: Pinterest)

At almost 6-feet-5-inches, Daniel Louisy is a sight for sore eyes. He is a beautiful man with a chiseled face and jaw
line, strong lean body and muscles that seem to fit perfectly in just about anything he wears (or doesn’t wear, hehehe). His light brown complexion and studious look is attractive while his abs and chest tend to make the minds of women wander to the naughty side. Once we kept receiving a number of different emails and social media messages about Daniel, we knew we had to do something about him.

Louisy was born and raised in London’s projects/ghetto to a St. Lucian father and British mother. At an early age, Louisy knew life could be quite difficult. He was a fat kid who struggled with overcoming his weight issues (yes, he was a fat kid growing up). But, weight and poverty were just a few of the many obstacles in his life. A really significant one was the absence of his father, which he got back in contact with only as an adult.

(Photo credit: Pinterest)

Despite financial and family issues growing up, today, Louisy is an actor, model, entrepreneur and a man with a clear purpose: to take over the world with one smile at a time.

“I have been stopped in the street, and told I had striking features, but didn’t pursue modeling,” Louisy explains to Lady Brille Magazine. “I was seen in a nightclub by the head of a marketing team of a large international company, who was adamant that I had the look to fulfill their vision for their advertising campaign.”

And the rest, as they say, is history. Louisy has been in campaigns for Calvin Klein and many other big names. You can see him rocking either some boxers, briefs or a full winter outfit. No matter the clothing, he seems to always pull it off nicely.

“I began work as a personal trainer and life coach. I am now the director of an international construction company while juggling modeling at the same time.”

But this model life and people falling all over him wasn’t always the case for Louisy, especially being overweight as a child.

“I was a fat kid, and I still have fat kid eating tendencies. I had Red Velvet Cheese Cake the other day at the
Cheese Cake Factory in L.A, it was the best thing I ever tasted, and I even took a picture of it! I Train 4 times…