5 Vacation Tips To Live By

African American woman on the beachVacation is an opportunity to feel the sand between your toes, lounge next to the pool, and disconnect from your normal surroundings. Vacation can also be a time for overindulging and letting go. Some people exercise and cleanup their poor eating habits in preparation for vacation only to toss their healthy habits to the side the moment they arrive at their exotic destination.

A recent study published in the Journal of Physiology and Behavior demonstrated that adults on a vacation ranging from one to three weeks experienced an average weight gain of 1 pound. For many participants, the weight gain continued as much as 6 weeks after the vacation. These findings are quite alarming according to researchers because the average American reportedly gains 1-2 pounds per year in comparison to 1 pound per vacation.

So, before you head out for your next vacation, pack these healthy lifestyle tips with you. What you do not want is to return home packing souvenirs in your suitcase and extra pounds on your body. Add these 5 tips to your itinerary for a vacation that is both healthy and enjoyable. 

1. Eat BEFORE you travel.

Set yourself up for success by eating a meal before your travel day starts.  By eating a meal before you get on the road, the train or head to the airport you will avoid the poor food choices that are all around you.  The fast and processed meals that are designed for hungry and time strapped travelers will be less tempting if you have a nutrient and protein dense meal before your travels begin.

2. Let your surroundings work for you.

Make staying physically active during your vacation a priority.  The hotel or resort most likely has a gym with 24/7 access if you prefer a traditional workout.  So, resist the urge to skip your normal workout because you are on vacation. Simple things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or soaking up the local culture on a walking tour instead of a bus tour will allow you to exercise without interfering with your plans.